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Let's make recommerce the first choice.

We honour brands and empower people to drive fashion forward for good. Sustainability has been at the heart of our business for the past 10 years. Our commitments to a circular economy underpin our ambitions to not only change the way people shop for luxury, but to make the second hand market the world's first choice.

Discover our sustainability journey highlights.

June 2021

We partnered with Ecologi to fund global carbon recapture projects.

We fund global carbon recapture projects that offset carbon emissions. We will increase our funding in 2021 to offset both our employees' and customers' carbon footprint.
June 2021

We ensure our employees are climate positive.

Hewi's growing business impact:
We proactively integrate sustainability into our team's working lives. We offset our employee's carbon footprint, including emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food and hobbies.
March 2021

We are CoGo accredited for reducing waste.

On World Earth Day, we launched our long-term partnership with CoGo. CoGo certifies sustainability accreditation, identifying brands that meet the highest standards of environmental performance. We are awarded for our efforts in reducing waste sent to landfill and our charitable efforts. We encourage our customers to track the link between their spend and personalised carbon footprint in real time through the CoGo app.
December 2020
Our CEO, Tatiana Wolter-Ferguson, pledges to reduce our carbon footprint within our logistics services and build an increasingly conscious product offering in the next 18 months.
June 2020

We speak to our customers about what matters to them.

We research to find out what's at the front of customers' minds when it comes to sustainability issues and how we can help encourage sustainable shopping behaviours.
January 2019

We better our packaging - for people and the planet.

We verify that the most environmentally impactful materials are used within our packaging to ensure it is compostable, recyclable and reusable.
HEWI Beginnings

We inspire change.

To reduce waste and alleviate the pressure on natural resources, we pioneered a movement that prioritises sustainability and paved the way for circular fashion.